Jesus vs The World’s Salvation

Many religions have a soteriology, which is a method of salvation. Most beliefs teach that we must work for it. Some religions have no salvation or hope of release from suffering, they just take life as it is. There are many methods of salvation using natural works to generate good karma or good character points with God. It’s like climbing a mountain to reach God or deliverance from the struggles of life, but while climbing the climber faces an eruption, an avalanche, a thunderstorm, and mountain lions, so it’s humanly impossible. In contrast, in Christianity Jesus (the Messiah) ascends the metaphorical mountain himself for us. He walks through fire and magma unburned (Dan 3:1-30), parts the wall of snow and ice (Ex 14:15-31, Josh 3:9-17) even walks on rushing water (Mark 6:45-56), quiets the storm (Mark 4:35-41) and shuts the lion’s mouths (Dan 6:1-28). He reaches the top for us and moved the mountain (Mark 11:22-24) by mediating a new covenant where our sin is covered by his sacrifice, so we are saved from its effects including death. In other words, we can’t save ourselves so we must trust God for it.

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