About Me

white ceramic teacup with saucer near two books above gray floral textile

Michael A. Campbell

I am studied graphic design and animation for my career path. I left that behind long ago. I’ve been rejected for every job I’ve applied for after I got laid off in 2019, but at the same time, I’ve been drawn down a new path. I’ve been deep into studying the bible more than I have before since discovering the Bible Project that same year. Since they present the bible through motion graphics, my specialized field, I was immediately drawn in and it inspired me to start studying the bible at a higher level looking at lexicons for language as well as historical and cultural research on the bible. I started reading through the bible again more slowly and diving into the details.
In 2022, I was led to start sharing my bible study notes from that time via a blog. My blog’s purpose is to share what I have learned about God’s word and in the process maybe someone else can be inspired to trust in him. This is for people with eyes to see, ears to hear, and hearts to understand (Matt 13:15). If you don’t like it, then I can’t help you, but God loves you and I love you too. I hope you find something valuable. I did start back at doing creative work and I even have a store where you can buy my merch.