A Tale of Two Seeds

Who is Satan? Is Satan attacking people in the Old Testament or is this God’s judgment? The bible says God doesn’t tempt us (James 1:12-15), but it is Satan that tempts us (Matthew 6:13). Yet oftentimes in the old testament when bad things happen scripture says that God was testing Israel (Deut 8:16, Deut 13:3, Judges 2:22). It seems that the revelation of Satan’s role is revealed more and more throughout scripture until the time of the messiah. The Gospel reveals him as the true enemy because he is the serpent whose head will be bruised by the messiah (Gen 3:15). Satan is rarely mentioned in the old testament so some people believe that Satan either is a metaphor or is an agent of God to exact judgment, rather than a rebel. However, Jesus and the apostles pointed to a real spiritual enemy of God seeking to devour us (1 Pt 5:8).

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