A Lesson from Micah’s Idol

The bible was written by people who were the minority (mainly prophets) so in essence, it is a “minority report”. The prophets were a heavily persecuted minority by both the Israelites and their leaders. Israelites throughout ancient times had different views from what the bible teaches and did what they felt was right. Often the leaders even made up rules that gave them power and control. Jesus called out Israel’s leaders for this in the 1st Century when he said they “substitute god’s laws with man-made traditions” in Matt 15:3-9. Throughout the bible itself, we can see how the people casually worship idols and don’t reverence God’s covenant, meanwhile the authors are always trying to get people to go back to the covenant they are in. Let’s look at one example in Judges chapters 17 and 18 with Micah’s promotion of idolatry.

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