Race Theory and the Bible

The bible says that all people are one human race, and the nations (ethnic groups) were initially divided by their languages (Genesis 11), rather than being genetically different original creations. Therefore we are all genetically one kind of creature since we are all descendants of Adam. Race theory was created as a justification for colonialism and slavery by Europeans in the 1400s. Our cultural and ethnic differences are social constructs that can be highlighted by but are not exclusively linked to our genetic differences. A child born in one culture can be raised in another culture and take on that language and culture without interference from their genes. Dust/dirt (soil and sand) comes in different colors like red, brown, white, yellow, and black, and the bible says that Adam (as well as the animals) was made from dirt (Gen 2:7-20), and when a person dies their body becomes dirt again (Gen 3:19). Having different colors is a part of the capabilities of the material that we are made of, so God clearly has no problem with diversity since many species of plants and animals have variations. There is no segregation in the Kingdom of Heaven.

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