Masoretic vs Septuagint

There are two versions of the old testament, and the differences, are some minor and some major. The Masoretic Text is written in Hebrew and is dated to around 900-1100 AD, some suspect that Jews tampered with it to cover up messianic prophecies (like Psalms 22:16). On the other side, there is the Septuagint (aka the LXX) which is a Greek translation of the Old Testament that goes back before the time of Jesus to around 300BC. Many favor this because it is older, but some suspect that this text was corrupted by the predecessors of the Sadducees. The Sadducees adopted some Greek philosophy and deny things like resurrections because its irrational according to Greek thinking. This has made some people suspicious of its consistency so they trust that the Jews preserved God’s word better in its original language at the end of the first millennium AD than the Greek Septuagint did pre-Christ. The Masoretic Text preserved the Hebrew since, for the laymanJews, spoken Hebrew had faded out of use by then and had been replaced by the Aramaic spoken by the empires that ruled Israel since Babylonian Exile.

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