Gospel Contradictions: Blind Men and Demons

There are four gospels and they are all slightly different because they were written by different people who either witnessed or talk to witnesses of the same events. Some variation is natural so it should be expected, however, the bible is still spiritually inspired so minor variations are not contradictions and yet some bible skeptics will make a big deal out of them. The story of Jesus exorcising the legion of demons is one of the more famous stories of Jesus. There are two men possessed by a legion of demons in Matthew 8:28-34, but only one demon-possessed man is mentioned in Mark 5:1-20 and Luke 8:26-39. Also, there are two blind men in Matthew 20:29-34 but only one blind people mentioned in Luke 18:35-43, and he is named (Bartimaeus ) in Mark 10:46-52. Is this a contradiction?

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