God’s Provision through Generosity

The Torah’s laws ensure sure that everyone in Israel had basic needs like food because it is truly God’s will that no one starves and that everyone is provided for. Jesus teaches this in Matt 6:25-34 and Luke 12:22-34 when saying that God feeds the birds and clothes flowers so he will the same and more for his people. In Matthew 7:7-11 and Luke 11:11-13, Jesus also said that when asking the father in faith for provision, he will provide for us because he loves us just like human fathers and gives an example saying that no father would give their children a stone instead of bread, a snake instead of fish, or a scorpion instead of an egg. In addition, Jesus displays God’s provision when he feeds the 5000 Jewish families (Matt 14:13-21, Mark 6:30-44, Luke 9:10-17, John 6:1-15) and the 4000 Gentile families (Matt 15:32-39, Mark 8:1-10).

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