Creationism Summary

Creationism is the scientific framework for what the Bible teaches that the world was created the way God says it was. There are different flavors of creationism for Christianity and other Abrahamic religions. For example, Old Earth Creationism tries to fit millions of years into Genesis by reinterpreting the 7 days of creation into millions of years, but that is not consistent with the sabbath being based on a literal 7th day of creation. Then there’s Gap theory which says that there was a gap of time between Genesis 1 and 2 where a bunch of events happened regarding Satan falling and maybe dinosaurs getting killed. However, that one has its own flaws and issues like how the creation of light initiated on the day part of day one, yet this Gap happens before day one? Were dinosaurs walking around in the dark? Day one is the creation of light itself, then the Sun, Moon, and Stars were made on Day 4, so there was no light until Day one which is after Genesis 1:2.

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