Biblical Virginity

The old testament primarily only defines physical virginity, which is defined by a woman having an intact hymen, so men have not ever labeled virgins in scripture, nor in most ancient cultures. However, as I will explain further that there are some spiritual principles revealed in ritual purity laws of the old testament that feed into the definition of sexual immorality in the new testament. Eunuchs are recognized as not interested in marriage, but that doesn’t mean they are all virgins, some may have had sex before getting castrated. Only procreative sex acts deal with virginity, so same-sex intercourse and beastiality didn’t count but those were violations of the moral laws and punishable by death. Some may use this to argue that they can escape virginity loss by having oral or anal sex, however, the spiritual aspects of this apply to what happens in the heart and mind regarding the subject of sex.

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