Were the Apostles Sexist?

Some suggest that the apostles (especially Paul) are sexist, but I have doubts about that. If one were to look up famous women in Rome, one would find that most if not all of the women recorded were daughters or wives of government officials. Not much room for common women to have any value in Roman history. If a common woman were to have done anything significant in history from that era and culture, they would not have recognized it. Remember Jesus’ tomb was discovered by the women, so if the apostles wanted to lie about the resurrection why did they admit that women were the first witnesses? In first-century Judah, a woman’s word was invalid in court, so eyewitness accounts by women didn’t actually count because that is how sexist the culture was. Considering the culture, it would make more sense to lie and say the men found the tomb empty since a woman’s words are considered gossip and unreliable by the men of society. It did the apostles a disservice to even mentioned that women were involved, this point brings us to Paul.

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