Isaac vs Ishmael Everlasting Covenant

Abraham had 8 sons, Ishmael from Hagar, Isaac from Sarah, and 6 sons: Zimran, Jokshan, Medan, Midian, Ishbak, and Shuah, all from Keturah, his 2nd wife after Sarah died. There is a blessing for all of Abraham’s children but the special everlasting covenant will go to Isaac only because this promise was for Sarah’s son with Abraham and she only had one son.

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Abraham’s Sacrifice

Abraham nearly sacrificing Isaac can be quite a controversial topic but let’s explore what is happening here. Abraham trusted that God would keep the promise to make a covenant nation of his descendants through his son Isaac, the promised son of his wife Sarah. If God was true to this promise, God couldn’t eliminate Isaac because the covenant couldn’t be fulfilled. Abraham trusted that God would be faithful to the promise, so he went forward with sacrificing him, knowing that Isaac couldn’t be taken forever or God would be a liar and covenant breaker.

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The Story of Abraham Pt.1 (Genesis chapters 12-18)

This is part one of an overview of the story of Abraham. This is will look over Genesis 12-18.

After the creation, fall, flood, and scattering from Babel in Genesis chapters 1-11, we are introduced to Abram (later Abraham) when he is 75. We aren’t given much info about his history, just that he descends from Noah’s son Shem and his father is Terah. Abram has two (likely older) brothers Haran and Nahor, and a half-sister whom he marries named Sarai (later Sarah) who is 10 years younger than him, and they all live in Ur of the Chaldeans. His brother Haran dies and leaves behind two daughters Milcah and Iscah, and a son named Lot. Milcah marries Nahor who is her uncle, and Lot goes to live with Abram and his wife. Terah moves from Ur of the Chaldeans after Haran’s death along with Abram, Sarai, and Lot toward Canaan but settles in the region of Haran (Paddan-Aram). There Terah dies at 205 when Abram was 75 (Terah was 130 when Abram was born).

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